Wednesday, February 06, 2013

in the RED

 This morning I could present you with some financial dilemmas we are facing - or I can mention how I am going to drop out of my bible study because I can't seem to find the time to go.  Something always comes up. and the thing is, I have been actually doing it. It's just going - that is hard for me. With the schedule change and all, I get talking to the Husband and time flies. HONEST: This is not about me not wanting to go. I really do enjoy it once I am there. I just can't get out the door on time. I always feel so rushed on Wednesdays.

Or I could just say how totally disappointed in the Husband's new job. (You must have known this was coming)  It was like a bait and switch.  They did not tell him, until after he got the job, quit the other - about these furlough days. So the job posted a amount that is your salary. BUT it isn't really what you are being paid. You would be surprised how much 1 day furlough can reek havoc in your already shaky budget. Then they did not give pay him shift differential and holiday pay. I mean what is with THAT? And to think this is the State of California!  I knew I knew it. 

After going over the bills yesterday we already are in the red. Dug out a piggy bank we had, when we were living in the RV. Still had coins in it. So I "deposited" the coins in my automatic counter bank and we have all total $85 in coins that I will take to coin-star.

I keep hearing from the media that the economy is getting better - that they created a massive amount of new jobs SOMEWHERE.  People are buying cars again - Happy Days are here again - I am scratching my head here - WE are not seeing these good times, like everyone else is. Is it because California is broke?

WE are so screwed.


  1. 'They' don't know what THEY're talking about. We bailed out of the golden state years ago to retire. My folks live in a 'semi rural town in No. California' .. so they keep me up to date on what's going on in the state that taxes even the sunshine. The 'good times' are really far and few between for most of the nation .. just harder hitting in some states that try taxing their way out of uncontrolled debt. Have you ever listened to Dave Ramsey? His approach helped get us out of debt. We lived on 'beans and rice .. rice and beans' for several years.

    1. Oh yes, I've heard of Dave Ramsey. We lived in our RV for 4 years to pay off debt. We're not in heavy debt any more- pay with cash only. We have a mortgage and a car payment and almost have the RV paid off. Just things keep going up, taxes going up, food, and pay keeps going down and it affects our budget. I'd say if things stayed the same (taxes etc) we should be doing good in about 5 years. So it's beans and rice for 5 more years! :-)

  2. Funny, I just visited coin star yesterday. $22.00. $85.00 is a lot of coins.

    You should do the R.V. thing, especially if you enjoyed it.

    1. I did but not yet. I wouldn't want to live in a RV park around here - meth-heads and felons. At least in the bay area, it was in the Silicon Valley and more than half the people there were just like us- trying to get out of debt but had good jobs.

      I'd want to purchase some land to put it on.


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