Monday, February 18, 2013

Hot coffee

So it's like 5 am - I get up and out of the bed, hug and kiss the dog and stagger to the kitchen. Greet the cat and let both of them outside. I walk over to the coffee pot and fill the basin with 12 cups of coffee* (Yes I said 12 cups, what about it?)

I then proceed to add the coffee - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. heaping Tbsp.  I like cinnamon in my coffee so I grab the chili powder, thinking it is cinnamon. I shake a few dashes in the grounds - Just as I turn on the coffee... WAIT.  It doesn't look the same. I look at the bottle and it's NOT CINNAMON.  Ohhhhhhhhh I am so happy I caught it before I turned the pot on. I had to dump out the "hot" coffee and do it over again, wasting that bit of coffee grounds when I am low on coffee period. Oh well.

* Those 12 cups are not all for me. Navy will wake up and have his share. Well come to think of it, 12 cups is a lot. In fact, I have no idea WHY I made so much.

Maybe I should just go back to bed! 

photo credit: Sean Davis via photopin cc

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