Thursday, February 07, 2013


After about 2 weeks of spring-like weather, it is raining this morning.  We need it.

I have some good news.

The Husband told me that a separate check will be issued to him soon with the holiday pay and shift differential.

The Husband heard back from the VA regarding his claim to up his VA disability. (He is a partially disabled veteran at 20%) From what the letter said, and if we are understanding it correctly, they have added another 10% to his service-related disability. Today he is going down to the VA to have a Rep to explain it to him. That will be at least another couple of hundred a month - tax free. Poor guy, is always in so much physical pain.

And my customers paid me for their Avon orders so yesterday was a good money day.

Navy-son applied for a couple more jobs.

I worked out yesterday HARD and afterwards I took about a 2 mile walk. I felt so much better emotionally. I am a bit sore though...

I also applied for a job at Macy's.  This is the 4th time I have applied. I know it is a "age-thing".  I used to work for Macy's back in the bay area years ago and enjoyed it. Just a little budget-buffer we can count on.  ( I need a job, just so I have some bitching material for my blog.)  HONESTLY, I really didn't want to get a job so soon.  I wanted to devote the 6 mos to CURVES and working out before getting a job.  This time is for me to get physically healthy.  Hey, God's in control. If it was meant to be, so be it.

So I am more hopeful today...   

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  1. I'm sorry you hubs is in so much pain. I'm happy he's getting an increase in benefits.

    I love Macy's I don't blame you for wanting to work there. Shame on them if they have a problem with your age, that would be a horrible injustice.

    Have a great day!
    Your newest follower, Jen

    1. Thanks Jen for following!


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