Saturday, February 23, 2013

Having a major problem with Blogger - part 1

See there I am. Morning Coffee - GOOD Just under it is my other blog Recipes on the Cheap - NO PICTURE and I am listed as a NO_REPLY_BLOGGER. Grrrrrrrr

You may not be able to follow this - because I am livid. I am frustrated with Blogger and I just don't know what I can do about it. 

I write several niche-type blogs. This is my personal blog. All is good with this one.

It's that NO_REPLY_BLOGGER issue that is haunting me and making me want to blow up my laptop and throw in the blogger towel and call it quits. Move to WordPress. (I don't want to have to do that - WordPress is...difficult)

A few months back, I learned about this no-reply-blogger from a post from a blog I was following. I then noticed that on my blogger-reader-list  (not the Google reader) that my photo's on my blogs were not showing up and that I was a no-reply-blogger. I scrolled down to see when this happened and all was fine until July 2012. Then suddenly it switched. I didn't do it.

So I read the online instructions of many different bloggers. I did what they said - and it didn't work. See, under another email I have several blogs. So I am using the same profile. Same settings. Yet out of those blogs, 2 of them are no-reply and my pictures do not show up in the blogger-reader-list.  Now they do show up in the Google reader.

For months now, I have been trying to find some help from Blogger, to no avail. If you go and google, NO REPLY BLOGGER, you will come up with so many posts - its like a Facebook epidemic.  So there was and obviously still is a problem yet not one thing on it from blogger. It has something to do with the switch-over to Google+
and the profiles. I have racked my brains out trying to find the glitch. If it was one blog using one email then I think it would be a easy fix. But why do some of the blogs have it and some don't?

Last week, I went to the blogger forum. I wrote out my complaint and asked for help. I sat there and watched how new questions were being asked and ANSWERED by Blogger yet mine was being overlooked. WTH?  Is there some conspiracy out there??? Are they trying to set me cRaZy?  

 I admit, I am obsessed with this and it does take all the fun out of blogging for me. I feel betrayed and not loved at all, by Blogger.


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