Wednesday, February 20, 2013

getting healthier is hard work

Losing weight is proving to be a hard task for me. Last week I gained one pound so I took off that widget here on the blog - it's embarrassing. However, I did lose some inches and my BMI is going down. So that was really good news. I've decided I am going to concentrate on just that and whatever I gain or lose is a bonus.

However after a week of Valentines Day and our wedding anniversary I know I probably have gained. (Now didn't I JUST SAY I wasn't going to concentrate on that???)  I didn't make it in, yesterday so today is the weigh-in day.

I've joked around about my Curves Coach, Sarge - but I like her. She told me not to worry about the "numbers".  It's about getting healthier, building up my stamina.  Having the physical strength to take those hikes, I used to enjoy.

I am so glad I gave myself a year - perhaps this will take the rest of my lifetime, instead.

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