Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Foodie and Navy

Today the Foodie son starts a new job. Actually it's his 3rd job but he does plan to quit the other 2 - once he gets through the probationary period. He will be working as a dietitian at a old folks home. I don't quite know the exact name of the job -  The first time he won't be working at a restaurant.

That's good for him - Navy son is still looking for a job. He talked to the Coast Guard about enlisting and they are only taking the younger first timer. So that idea was a wash.  Now he is trying to lose some weight so he perhaps can join the Navy Reserves.  I TOLD HIM when he was talking about getting out of the Navy - that he might want to stay in a few more years to see what is going on. At that time, Obama was just elected President - The economy was terrible, especially in rural areas. DO THEY LISTEN?  NO!  He was hell-bent to get out, get a place to live in San Francisco, be with friends and go to college. The first reality check, was when he couldn't find an affordable place to live. So he ended up in a flea-bag motel. He couldn't find a part-time job that fit with his schooling. So he came up here to go to college. Then he drops out. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Now he is broke. All that deployment money he had stashed away is gone.

My Mom used to say, if she had it to do over - she would of just had dogs. I used to think that was an awful thing to tell your daughter.  Now I wouldn't tell them that - and I really don't mean it. But I can see how my Mom would feel like that now and then. It's like, where do I go to resign?


  1. Found you on the A-Z challenge list. Looks like you have a fun blog. Good luck to both of your boys! I'm a new follower :)

    1. Thanks for following Martha.

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    Look forward to your challenge posts!
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  3. We all have those days. Hang in there.


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