Friday, February 08, 2013

dos relojes

Tick tick tick...goes the 2 clocks in my living room. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the house. (I'm hankering for doughnuts)  It's quiet and still dark out. I've already let the dog and cat in and out twice. The Husband is in bed, sleeping. It's our weekend. It rained off and on yesterday. Together we have a full day of errands. I brought him grocery shopping with me yesterday. He was not thrilled. I think when you do not grocery shop on a steady basis,  it can be overwhelming. Well heck, its overwhelming for me too. We're still waiting on that check, so we had to be careful about what we bought. I had to buy the cheapest store brand coffee - it's okay. Needs some cinnamon in it.

I forgot to mention yesterday that not only has the VA upped the Husband's disability classification but they will be paying him back pay from when he first filed, back in July.  It will be in the 4 digits. I'll raise my mug to that! 

I probably need to clean my house sometime today. It's not Halloween anymore.

photo credit: EJP Photo via photopin cc

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  1. Hope you got everything done and had time to enjoy your day.


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