Monday, February 04, 2013

Dear Blog - I have to rant

What a day.!  I had plans to get out and conquer the world grocery shopping. The Husband came in to say the tire was flat on the KIA and he wanted me to take the car in and have the tire patched. The grimace on face revealed to him, that I did not want to do this. Because, every time I have in the past, those men at service places try and sell me something.  That's what I have a husband for. I did all that when I was single/divorced and I know I got screwed many times. Thankfully, he was nice about it and said he would take the car in, this afternoon and do it.

An old friend of mine from the bay area called - here's the deal. She is the one who called me months ago, asking me to check in on her friend, that lives in the same town as me. I said I would - but never got around to it. So the other day, her friend, I'll call Babs, called me and wanted to get together.

"That's weird."

Then she called again, and again and again. Asking me to go out and do things with her this weekend.

"That is so weird."  

Like what does she want?  I am so suspicious of overly friendly, in-your-face kinda people. So I let Lynn know over the weekend. She called me this morning to let me know some background on Babs. 

Basically Babs has had a rough time in life. She lost everything in her divorce and practically became homeless. She barely makes it. She has some emotional issues. (Don't we all?) and she imagines things - like conspiracy things. She thinks people are stalking her - trying to kill her dog - wiretapping her phone - and putting chemicals in her food and water. She freaks every time she sees a Chem-trail in the sky.

Do I need this? 

I don't want to get caught up in someone else's drama - I have enough of my own.  I see, I am going to have to take reins myself on this one - I'll take her out for some coffee and just let her know I am not good, dependable friend material at this time in my life. I don't return phone calls, I don't return emails - I don't answer the phone if I can help it. (Now if she had a blog, I would comment back.)  I just don't want to be bugged by people. 

 Honest, I don't know what is wrong with me - I'm not depressed. I just am going through this season of life, where I am burned out on people. Maybe I need to see the Doctor - my anti-depressants might need to be upped or changed. (wish I could get off them but I've tried and then someone I love dies on me)

Am I happy being like this?  Yes and No.  I'm only not happy with it, because I feel so darn guilty. Plus living with Mr. People Lover makes me out to be some kind a recluse.

A recluse????? Wikipedia says:  A recluse is a person who lives in voluntary seclusion from the public and society. 

They make it sound so crazy....


  1. I used to be social. Back in my twenties. Now I'm a hermit for the most part. I haven't found very many people in this small town who I want to hang out with. I hate the phone. I hate texting. The only thing I like is the very occasional lunch.

    That chick sounds like a total whack job. I'd be hiding from her in a big way. Sheesh.


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