Tuesday, February 12, 2013

boo boo

For the last week, I have had some discomfort from my thumb - that has now blossomed into full-blown pain. A few months back I smashed my thumb - the nail turned dark and part of the nail came off. It had since grown back and I thought all was well, until I started feeling some tenderness on the side of my thumb. 

It's been killing me. It's all red now and I did a dumb thing, thinking I had a cut or sore under the nail, so I cut my nail as short as I could and that only caused it to be more painful. I now have a full blown, ingrown thumbnail. Ouch!

It's my left thumb and you don't realize how important your left thumb is. So I looked online and found some home treatment and will keep an eye on it, for infection. I feel it when I hold my coffee cup (I never knew I was a left-handed coffee cup holder before this)

I remember when I was a teenager I had 2 ingrown toenails and had to go to a podiatrist.


  1. I hope it heals OK. I've never had an ingrown fingernail. I used to get quite a few on my toes. They do hurt a lot.

  2. I have an owie on my right thumb. Husband said, "Someone should pop that," but I don't think it is popable.

    Aren't you glad I stopped by?

    1. Oh wow, you too? I'm soaking my thumb in warm salt water and it helps with the pain. I think I am going to have to wait this out, till the nail grows back.

    2. My doc picked at mine a couple of weeks ago and made it worse. Last night I took the cuticle nippers to it. I used rubbing alcohol. Germs beware.


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