Monday, February 04, 2013

And one more thing...

We shelled out $140 cold-hard-cash for a new tire on a 2 year old car.  It couldn't be patched - had a hole in the side of it.

I think I am a bit freaked out, that we will run out of money by the end of the month. I just am not confident right now, that I can do this, once a month paycheck.

Yeah okay, I am feeling down right now.

  • My Niners lost yesterday
  • we get paid once a month
  • was shorted some money in this once a month paycheck 
  •  I heard our electricity is going up
  •  taxes are going up 
  • everything goes UP but the bills stay the same.  
  • Gas is going up too I've noticed.

My best times were back when it was the Husband and I, and we voluntarily lived in our RV.  Life was simple. I told him today, that we could sell the house, buy some property and live in the RV.  I'd rather have some land - privacy - where I could garden and just be me.

Deep-down I am just an old hippie, that is having to live a certain way.

I think I'll have a beer,  relax and watch Bonanza and The Big Valley. (The Husband is sleeping)

Thanks for allowing me to vent, complain, and feel sorry for myself. I should feel better in the morning.

 photo credit: NoHoDamon via photopin cc

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  1. Anonymous9:13 AM

    LOL at the beer and Bonanza.


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