Saturday, February 09, 2013

A young man and a horse

 I've always enjoyed history - and your own genealogy would be,  the history of your family and ancestors.  After the deaths of both my dad and mom, I started to dig through their past, wanting to understand,  where they came from and what made them who they were. I got out of it, a whole lot more!  Anytime you dig, you're going to unearth "skeletons." Some were quite amusing and others were troublesome.

While I was at it, I also dug into the Husband's family.

Seems his Irish side through his mom, had this young man who was a thief. This poor chap, could not help himself.  In Ireland he stole a animal and they kicked him out of the country and sent him to England. Then he stole something again and they sent him to the colonies.  In the colonies, he met and married a young lady and had a child.  Then he stole a horse and they hung him. Ouch!

Just think...if this man had never stolen a thing, I wouldn't be married to my Husband.

Our wedding anniversary is the 16th.

photo credit: deflam via photopin cc


  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Well done!

  2. I love family history .. even the skeletons :) What a thought .. I guess crime 'pays' in a weird sorta way (LOL)


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