Thursday, January 03, 2013


The Veteran Home here where the Husband is working is brand new. There are no veterans there yet. They will begin taking in Veterans this Fall. Right now they are hiring medical staff, physical therapists, groundskeepers, clerks to work the general store inside, cooks, kitchen crew and more. This Veteran Home will house many older Vets who are disabled and even some young ones, who need long term care. Actually half of the residents will be just Veterans who need a home. Long waiting list. Across the road, they are going to break ground this summer, building a Veteran community and they have plans to move the VA clinic here as well. 

The husband has been working there on a temporary basis, since Sept and was hired permanently by the State of California Jan 1. (California Department of Veteran Affairs)

Sometimes when you keep the same exact schedule you had last year and the year before, life gets monotonous. You get into a rut. It appears, that our comfortable "rut" may do some cha cha changing.

They have cleared the background checks for the rest of the security crew - and now they have to train them. Meanwhile, it looks like we will be doing graveyard for a little longer not to mention, our weekends will not be Sat/Sun.

The pay is more - however after reading this morning about the payroll taxes - most of it will be taken back, through taxes. ($80-100 a month) If that doesn't suck, I don't what does. The benefits however are awesome. Several different medical plans to choose from - dental and vision - long term medical, Cal-Pers, more paid holidays, paid sick leave, paid Jury duty, generous vacation package, retirement (after 10 years) It goes on and on. Down-side is, like any new job - 6 months probationary period before we can get direct pay, medical, sick leave and vacation. June 1 will be a happy day! The husband did this for more than just a bigger paycheck - for 10 more years he can work, and we still have our Coast Guard pension and then retire.

We are entering a 10 year season. (Lord willing)

I will just ride this out, like a wave -  get settled in, the best I can.

I can do this.


  1. I read somewhere that there are so many benefits for Veterans but they go largely unused because the Vets are embarrassed to ask for help. That is so sad to me.

    1. That is true and it is sad. Fortunately my husband is active in Veteran affairs and he tries through various veteran organizations to get the word out there.


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