Sunday, January 06, 2013

understanding a introvert

It is not a crime if you are a introvert. It's not like we are criminals or anything. Yet we get a bad rap.
We're called, "shut-in's" "loners" "geeks" or "nerds".  Some believe we are SHY, anti-social, stuck-up and aloof.  Many believe we dislike the human population. Hmmmm, I'll admit at times it does seem that way -  I don't dislike people. I joke about my "people-bug-me" moods but at times they do. Come on now, I bet you get into your people-bug-me-moods, too.

There is a book out about the Introverted Church that I want to read. I had to laugh when I read on their blog about how we introverted, especially detest the "meet and greet" time. Ugh. Why do I have to shake hands?  Can't I just nod and smile instead? Besides being an introvert I also have an issue with spreading germs. I never was this way and I can't say I am Germaphobic - I try very hard not to give that, too much space in my head or I could easily become one. I'm just an introvert who doesn't like to shake hands or hug.  Not a big hugger to people I do not know.

Or like when you are in a small group ie. a bible study and you just want to listen to the others. I'm not shy. If I feel I have something pressing to say, I will share. I especially do not care to be put on the spot in front of others. It doesn't embarrass me, it just means someone has crossed into my boundary and I don't like that.  BTW, Moses was an introvert.

When I am out with people I enjoy, and who know me - I don't feel I have to keep the conversation going. They know me. I'm comfortable. I can't stand idle chit chat. I am not good at it. It makes me feel uncomfortable. In other-words, I do not have the gift of gab. I'd say for every hour I spend with a person who is a compulsive talker, I might need 2 hours to decompress.

Yesterday I spoke about this to the Husband who loves to talk and he's very social. He says, we balance each other out.

I'm blessed that he understands me - granted he wishes I would try a bit more - while I wish he would learn to relax and CHILL a bit more.

The Introverted Church photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc


  1. Anonymous4:14 PM

    I understand this post. I think I would like the girl on the bench.

    The older I get, the more introverted I get. My hubby seems to be getting more extroverted. I think it's job related.

    1. It's a wonder I actually remarried - thank God for those extroverts, that like to pursue us introverts. woo hoo.

  2. I am the talker, hubby, not so much. But there are times when I feel just as you. I hate when someone in church coughs into their hand instead of their elbow and then want to shake your hand at the sign of peace. Ewwwww.

    1. I wish they would just get rid of that meet and greet at church, especially during the winter months when its the cold and flu season.


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