Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trouble in Paradise

Well not really - it sounded good, though.  

"Houston, we DO have a problem."

The husband is crabby, grouchy and is not taking to this, graveyard shift very well. Last night he raised his voice to me. LOUD.  Earlier, he misunderstood something with my son. He's very short-tempered right now.

He comes in around 8:30 am and sleeps till around 4pm. He's getting enough sleep - its just different. He hates this shift.  It's a depressing shift.  I guess that is why they call  it "graveyard".

All I said was, that we both can't go moping around because we hate it - I gave him the making lemonade out of lemons scenario.That's when he yelled at me.

I guess he doesn't like lemonade either.

 photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography via photopin cc


  1. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I had an introverted friend who loved third shift. Nobody bugged her. I know hubby is outgoing. That's probably the problem.

    1. I didn't think of that. You might be right.

  2. I'm sorry you guys are having such a hard time adjusting to this shift. We love it and even now that hubby has the seniority to bump any of the dayshifters we opted to stick with nights. But we are night people and with the kids we actually see more of dad than we would if he worked days. The roughest part is the turn around days because he has a 28-day rotating schedule now rather than working every weekend. (Also its a 35% shift diferential so that smooths out a lot of bumpy spots...)

    Hubby uses white noise to mask the sounds in the house and our room is always kept dark with blinds (okay, we live in Washington, darkness year round is not usually a problem). When he is sleeping we limit what we do in areas of the house closer to his room and are careful not to slam doors.

    1. We'll learn to live with it and do so, in a cherry way I hope. Maybe its because we are older and set in our ways. :-) We have a sleep-mate for him to use.

      Yesterday was a good day. Yes he will get that shift differential and you're right, no big wigs at night! Thanks for the comments. I appreciate it.

  3. The other bonus for night shift workers (especially government workers) is that the administrative types only work during the day :)


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