Wednesday, January 02, 2013

thrown off

Daisey Mae

I had to make my own coffee again this morning. I'm so spoiled.

The Husband is probably on his way home by now - It's a little past 8am. I am not sleeping well without him. It's just weird - even the dog is off. Funny how just one person can throw off the whole rhythm of our life. Maybe the HR from Sacramento will now get back to work and clear the background checks for the remaining crew, so that we can settle into our new normal schedule.

It's been sunny and clear which equals COLD. Down to 29 degrees at night. The snow on the mountains, that surround us,  look absolutely beautiful. 

Just want to SHOUT OUT - Stanford University won the Rose Bowl. AWESOME! I used to live within a walking distance to the University and I am so very pleased and proud.  Great for the football and sports programs there. Who wouldn't want their kid to go to Stanford to play ball?  I know I sure did, but the youngest who played football wanted to serve his country instead.

I'm not used to going to bed past 10 pm. Last 2 nights, the Husband left for work at 11:30 pm. Last night I couldn't hold out any longer and was in bed by 11pm. I am feeling it this morning... <yawn>

He's home now - so its time for me to get on with my day - letting him sleep. I can't wait till this is all over.


  1. I've thought about Curves, too, but it's a way for me to drive. I'm going to start walking some each day. Thanks for the support and encouragement!!


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