Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Game

Daisey Mae has a routine in the morning. She likes to immediately go out to the backyard - pee and then watch me in the kitchen, make my coffee and then fill her food dish with her morning allotment of chow - along with some fresh water.

She comes in - gobbles her food and then back to the bedroom with me where we snuggle, kiss and roll around on my bed. She moans in doggy delight as I tell her how much I love her.

Then she sits at the end of the bed, watches me stare at the wall.  At some point, she gets down and wants to go back outside to "bark." Sometimes the 2 dogs next door are out first - or Daisey is out first and "barks" to get their attention. She walks around the yard, usually with a green (Kong) bone in her mouth. She growls at the fence - always with a waggly tail. It's all part of the "game."

Then she comes back in - feeling awesome. You can just tell. Now she is back on the foot of the bed, where she awaits, her Daddy. She listens intently for the garage door to open -  When she hears it, of course I say,

"Daddy's home!"

 She jumps off the bed and barks at the Husband.

It's all a game. 



  1. Anonymous3:52 PM

    She's a sweetie.

  2. Hi Coffee Lady. Daisey Mae, what a sweetheart! Love that picture of her. She does look a lot like my Coco. My dogs have Kongs too (red ones). Fun games she has. German Shepherd mixes are very smart dogs.

    Like your blog, and thanks for finding mine. Coffee lover here too! I used to live in No. CA, once lived in So. CA too. I’ll be doing an occasional blog series about my California days (something I was thinking about recently, haven’t lived there since 1996). Also, just read your profile, I believe we have the same generation in common. As I write in my blog profile, I grew up in the era of Beatles and Motown. Glad to meet you in the blogosphere!

    1. Your California blog will be fun to read! Never lived in Jersey but I visited and stayed with friends in Morristown, New Jersey once. I am fascinated by the east coast. So much history! Thanks for the follow! :-)

    2. You’re welcome! I’ve added your blog to my blogroll. One of my sisters lived in Morristown a while back. Most of my family is still in NJ. I left NJ in my 20s, moved to CA, lived there for 20 years, now I am in Maryland b/c of my husband’s job in DC. I’ll probably be starting my California memories posts later this month (need to pull out and scan old pics to go with it). I have a recipe post coming up this week, and then some St. Paddy’s Day posts planned. Btw, having a cup of French Roast as I’m typing this! :)


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