Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Game (feline-style)

Then there is Miss Buster -

She hears me get up - she is usually lounging on a chair in the living room. She greets me with a quick,


Actually it is more like,


She  s t r e t c h e s  and walks  s l o w l y  as she lines up at the back door along with Daisey. Sometimes, we even have to wait for her.  I let them both out - sometimes.

If the weather is cold, she stands there.

If the weather is windy, she stands there - then backs up and stays inside.

If the weather is cold, windy and rainy - she backs up and meows at me. Then she stands at the door. 

Every 5 minutes, she nags me about going outside.

If it is a nice day, she will go outside.

After 5 minutes, she wants back in. She nibbles her food - paws at her water to let me know, she wants fresh water. I give it to her - she thumbs her nose at it - Gets down and wants back outside. If it is cold and windy, she stands there. If she goes outside on a nice day, she wants back in - in 5 minutes.

In and OUT and OUT and in is her game she plays throughout the day.

I am a doorman for a cat. That's how I spend my day.


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  1. Cats. They definitely have a mind of their own.


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