Saturday, January 12, 2013

sunny and cold

It is a beautiful winter day. 27 degrees. Man, that is cold for here. My cat its at the sliding door and won't go out. The dog, walks on the dead grass gingerly due to the frozen grass under her paws.  When she "goes" I see steam...THAT is cold. - And to think last year the heating was out and we used this oil-filled electric heater. and we were still cold.

Yesterday I was finally able to get into our bedroom to clean and air out the room. I am big on fresh air. I get that from Mom. I remember as a kid, it would be cold out, and for 10-15 minutes, she would turn off the heat and open the windows and we'd freeze (California style of course) When she'd close the windows and turn back on the heat, the whole house was refreshed. So I had the windows open in the house for almost all day yesterday as I cleaned and I was hot. Then I look around, and see Navy son, with a winter jacket on and the Husband asking if we can turn back on the heat. I had no idea until I stopped. It was in the low 50's inside. So the house was able to get a good airing out. I was finally able to change the sheets, and wash the blankets. It's hard now when he is sleeping through the day in the room.


  1. Here it's supposed to be high of 30, low 18. You're in Michigan! I must be in CA, since it's in the fifties.

    1. Supposed to get into the 60s in a couple of days. It's been sooooooooooo cold and clear too, which makes it even colder at night.


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