Sunday, January 13, 2013


Navy son - between 2 World Series Trophies

 Having had 3 sons, sports has played a major part in my life. As a child, my Mom was a San Francisco Giant fan, back during "the day" when Willie Mays and McCovey were big.  When we lived in San Francisco, she and her neighbor friends would take in a ball game, on Ladies Day. Back then, that was FREE admission. They don't do that anymore. No more Ladies Day because the feminist did not want special days. (I don't remember voting on that) 

  My dad was a contractor - and he worked in many of the old Giants' homes. I have autographs on coffee-stained napkins of Juan Mariachi, Orlando Cepeda, Willie McCovey, and a few more.

I caught this photo in the newspaper - the navy son is in the background.
The other day the 2 sons went to see the World Series Trophy Tour - I wanted to go, too but standing in lines for 2 hours does not turn me on. Maybe another time. I would love to have a picture between the trophies before I go to the upper box seats in the sky. My mom and I were old school - back in the day when there were many heartbreaking loses and were beginning to think the Giants would never win.

One day I will share about the Loma Prieta earthquake and the world series Giants/Oakland A's game.

I love it here in this semi-rural town, but I do miss having that close access to my favorite sport teams.


  1. Wish I could have gone, but I had to work. Although, I probably didn't want to pay to get in or for a picture. lol

    1. Actually it was free to get in and free to get your picture taken - and they would take a picture with your camera. Then they give you this claim number to go on the internet to purchase the expensive, high quality photo. I think most people just brought their own camera.


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