Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One on One

 My Curves coach is nice - I like her. She is 6 weeks older than I am and looks great. There is one thing about her - that annoys me. She is kinda pushy.  She keeps pushing for me to add more steps to my walks, eat less and told me absolutely no chocolate. I guess that is why she will be a good coach. I won't be able to buffalo her. 

She tricked me - she asked me what my goals were for the week. I told her. Then she asked me what it would take to reach those goals. Hmmmmm, I think I am being boxed in. So I told her what she wanted to hear.

The deal with this one on one coaching is - you are accountable to someone other than yourself. That is what I wanted and I know I need that. The Husband is perfectly happy with how I look - he just wants me to be healthy and have more energy - but he is not a very good motivator.  But with Sarge, every time I see her, it's nag nag nag coach coach coach. 

As a team, we both did well.  I lost 3 lbs.  I can also see a difference in my legs and my arms. They are beginning to look more tone - I am still struggling with the lack of energy.

My coach - I think I'll keep her.

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  1. I hear ya girl. She's just looking out for your best interest. I have a personal trainer and my pet name for him is "bastard".

  2. Absolutely no chocolate?? Are you serious? Sounds like she (and you) are doing a good job though...makes for a great blog post if nothing else!

    1. Well I learned my lesson - I just don't tell her about the chocolate! :-)


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