Monday, January 28, 2013

Old Reruns

Lately I am on a kick of watching old reruns - it started with Westerns, like The Virginian, Bonanza, High Chaparral and The Big Valley.  Just this past week I started watching some old Mary Tyler Moore Shows and The Bob Newhart Show. With the exception of the laugh-tracks and leisure suits,  they still make me smile.

The Westerns however, are my favorite. I love to just settle in - and escape from what is going on around me. We tend to think those were simpler times - and in many ways they were but life was not easy.  There was always someone who wanted what you had. There was still class-envy, prejudice, crime, ignorance and greed. Sounds like today only, we should know better.  They didn't have the resources we do, to educate themselves.  Many did what it took, to build themselves up and out, of the lifestyle. There were many dreamers of big dreams back then and given a chance, people would sell everything they had and move across the world - for the opportunity of a better life.

I don't know of anyone today, who would do that. Seems we all just think we are entitled to have what we want - with no work involved. That it's our right. And that if we yell loud enough, stomp our feet like the spoiled brats that we are - we'll get it.

I really do not feel comfortable with the way our country is headed - I feel a bit insecure and in many ways,  I am grieving. Giving up on the Constitution is like giving up on the old classic reruns.

I'm just not ready to do that yet.



  1. I LOVE the Carol Burnett show....speaking of older shows.

    1. Oh Carol Burnett was awesome. One of my favorite Comediennes. Harvey Korman and Tim Conway....


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