Tuesday, January 08, 2013

long drives

We're having some beautiful early spring-like weather. I love the sunshine, especially in the winter.  Clear days, where I can see the snow capped Mt Shasta and Mt Lassen in the distance shining against the brilliant blue sky. I'd love to go for a drive, but with our tight budget this month, it's best I wait till later.

I miss those days when we'd go for drives - long drives. It's like modern day exploring. As a kid, my dad would always take us for long drives - San Francisco to Washington DC - to New York - Tennessee - Ohio - Indiana - The World's Fair in Spokane - to San Diego and Tijuana.

I'd love to get in my car and just go - I also love to drive. (should of been a trucker) I'd take back roads for the most part.

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  1. My dad loved driving. We didn't have money for vacations, plus mom didn't like traveling, so we just took trips to nearby towns and explored them. It was fun....


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