Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jan - I am Grateful

Our neighborhood - Mt. Shasta

 While I was blog surfing and drinking my coffee I came across

I decided I needed to list my own gratefuls because I sometimes tend to concentrate more on the negatives.

1.  I am very grateful for the Husbands new job. Sure, working the 3rd shift is not ideal. Getting paid once a month is not ideal. And having to take a 1 furlough day a month is not what we expected.  However I know many who are struggling without a job, without unemployment, without hope for anything good to come their way. We are more blessed than we feel...

2. I am grateful for that new HVAC we had installed in Oct. It's been an awfully cold winter here in Northern California.

 3. I am grateful to have a home and shelter. I see and hear about the homeless we have in our area. Yes, some of them want to be homeless - but there is still many who would love to have a warm shelter - and not have to worry about where their next meal will come from.

4. I am grateful that our daughter and her husband in Washington are still hanging in there; in spite of being unemployed for over 1 year - the unemployment has run out and they are practically living on air. But they still have a place to live (I don't know how they are doing it) and they have food. The daughter is more open to look into anything and she has registered with the Goodwill Industries for training. No comment on the son-in-law.

5. I am grateful I have a husband who is always willing to work and provide. Bless his heart, he is no slacker.

6. I am grateful that I am no longer working. I know we could use the extra cash but I am enjoying staying at home, and doing what I have to do around here. I don't know how long this will last - so I am enjoying this time. It also helps during this time of transition and schedule change with the Husband.

7. I am grateful that so far this month we have not used a credit card to pay a bill - and we are living without a paycheck and still surviving. Granted, I will be so glad when we get our first check from the State of California. I am finding out a lot about myself, how I can dig in - if I have to.

 8. I am grateful for the wonderful relationship I have with my 2 sons.  It's not easy at times with them both living with us and I do wish for them to move out when they can. In the meantime I will enjoy the good times.

9. I am grateful for my fir-babies. I absolutely love animals. My dog and my cat are truly a part of the family. I have to have someone I can dote on - and these 2 fulfill that "forever Mommy" in me.  I love spoiling my cat and my dog. I am proud to be Miss Buster and Daisey Mae's MOM.

10.  I am grateful  to God for all of the above because without Him, non of it would be possible. I know I need to lean on His wisdom more and I need to TRUST him more in stead of trying to take matters into my own hands. I'm still learning and I am a work in process...

photo credit: Josh Kenzer via photopin cc


  1. You certainly have an attitude of gratitude. Good for you!!!!

  2. That is a great list! My husband also works overnights plus weekends and it does suck. Better than no job. I also think that having to learn to stretch things teaches us how that can get by if we need to and we are stronger than we think. I love all your pictures. Hope your daughter can find work soon.


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