Tuesday, January 22, 2013

If I had it to do over -

Cupid left his bow and arrow in San Francisco

Next month is our wedding anniversary. Feb. 16. I clearly was not thinking, when I came up with that date. The Husband was pressing me for a date and I didn't want to get remarried in March - because that was the month of my first marriage.  There was a super bowl weekend, I could not pick. There were a couple more weekends that were out of the question for some reason or another so we agreed to the best weekend we could at that time.

Little did I know, that our anniversary is sandwiched between Valentines Day and Presidents weekend which means everything goes UP.  Plus I don't want to go out on Valentines Day. I think its corny.  The Husband is a romantic and compared to him, I am not. (I am romantic in my own way) This man is already planning for our anniversary. He has cheap options on up - since we really have no idea what our monthly paycheck will be for Feb.

If we go north or east - from where we live, it will be cold and possibly snowy. Don't want that! We have to drive south to get anywhere.

He wants to go into San Francisco - and play tourist.  I always was jealous of the tourists because they could spend a day or two sightseeing etc. Seems the natives are the ones who never get to see some of the sights - like Alcatraz. I finally got to go, just a few years ago, for the first time. Crazy! We haven't been to the new Aquarium that has been built in Golden Gate Park. He also wants to go to the San Francisco Maritime Museum.  I love museums and also would like to go to the California Academy of Sciences as well as the deYoung Museum.  As a school-kid, every year we took a field trip to the Museums and I always enjoyed them, even back then. Sipping tea at the Japanese Tea Garden is romantic.

 I really am homesick for my city by the bay.

We'll see - the other option is Sacramento.


  1. It least you're both thinking about it. My husband and I have forgotten our anniversary before. Sad and pathetic.

  2. Mine is August 29th and that was poor timing. My daughter just starts school so we can't go anywhere and some years it is so close to Labor Day and things go UP.
    The museums sound fun!


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