Thursday, January 24, 2013

Furlough Day

Once a month The Husband is forced to take a furlough day.  We have a 3 day weekend. Or I should say he does.  When he is home, he wants to do everything with me. That's nice and all and I do love to spend time with him but lets face it, I have my weekday routine and having him home is like...having him home when we eventually retire. By then I will have grown used to having him home. I think that's why many women, go back to work, when their husbands retire.

He likes to watch TV, way more than I do. I like quiet and he always has to have music playing. Plus we differ on what types of music we like.  I tend to be more lazy when he is around - we sit and drink coffee together and the more we drink, the more hyper we get, and we talk about all these big projects we are going to do with the house. ALL TALK.  We also talk about our retirement - He grumbles about the house about what is going on in Washington. (or what is NOT going on) and he talks back to the TV or mumbles to himself. Sometimes he makes me nervous. He really needs to  c h i l l.

Today is another dreary, cold, wet day. I will work out -  then we'll probably go find someplace where I can get some walking in (5000 steps a day) that is cheap and where there is no food and no temptation to buy anything. 

We are so low in funds right now - I am tempted to just use a card to go out to dinner and then pay it next month (or in a couple of weeks) And I could - but it totally negates the whole "struggle" for this month, so I won't. We are so close....

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  1. My mom retired in October technically. Although they were paying her her vacation, so technically, she was on vacation for a little over a month. lol Anyway, since then, she's been busier than when she was working. One day my dad was home sick, and my mom was just her busy-bee-self, and finally he said, "If your going to keep me this busy when I retire, I'm not going to retire." LOL (he's retiring this spring, just in time for both of their birthdays).

    1. That's cute. I wish them both well in their retirements!

  2. Anonymous3:14 PM

    I plan to return to work the minute my husband retires.

    1. that's what my Mom did. They totally switched roles - dad did all the domesticated stuff and Mom was the worker. She retired from ATT. She was able to pick up her time worked with Bell telephone, before I was born. and so she worked for about 15 years. My dad retired at age 50. He had done very well in his contracting work.


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