Sunday, January 20, 2013

Don't make it so easy to be stalked -

I've blogged for years - since it first came out. I have blogs all over the place, many I no longer use. They act as online journals of certain periods of my life, no longer to be viewed by the public.

I used to use my real name, until an male friend of mine back when I was divorced/single found me again after I was remarried. This had been a serious relationship; we had talked of marriage and I was the one who broke off the relationship.  I felt uncomfortable and from then on, decided I needed my anonymity while online.

Quite frankly I am shocked at how many use their real names, first and last. Have you ever googled your name? Have you ever googled your name for images?  Does your picture come up, as well as photos of your family? Your children? Doesn't that scare you?

Case in point: Friday night we were with friends and this male friend of ours, I will call him Bill, came in late and apologized saying that he was held up because his niece was in the Philippians, and she had been mugged - they stole everything except for her passport. However she needed to pay the hotel bill and wanted him to western-union cash to her.

Being the skeptic that I am, I immediately smelled a scam. I held off from my suspicions for a little as I listened more intently. However once he said he wired $5000, all of us, jumped up and told him we believed he had been scammed. He immediately went back to the place he wired the money and had it stopped just in the nick of time. We then had to explain to this man about this because he honestly was not too sure - he was concerned about his niece. However we did convince him - Why didn't she call you? Why was that email so generic?

The niece blogs. In her blog, she posted that she was going to the Philippians for her church. Her name is there, pictures of her children, photos of her home, even the town she lives in. Someone, hacked into her email and knew exactly how to scam her contacts.

This is just one example - On one of the blogs I follow, a gal said she was no longer blogging, for the safety of her family. Apparently she and her family were being stalked. She closed down her blog.

I use a "blog-name" and never my real name. I could clean up my act a bit more and plan to go over everything once again, to make sure I am not putting too much of my personal information, "out there".

Hey if Samuel Clemens used a "pen name" so can I.  Just be careful out there! It can be a cruel world. 

photo credit: Kelly Hau Photography via photopin cc


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    I use my real name. My parents named me Loony.

  2. That scam is really making the rounds. A family friend got a call from some guy claiming to be her grandson, saying he was in jail and needed bond money wired to him. He told her to "not call mom". She was worried, so called her daughter to see about her grandson, and she told grandma that her son had just been at the house. When grandma told the daughter, the daughter called the number and reamed them. It's sick.

    1. Wow. Thank God I am a natural skeptic. We have to be on our toes all the time for these scammers.


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