Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baltimore and the Octomom

I was Nanny to her kids

I had the strangest dream last night - The Husband was active in either the Navy or Coast Guard - and we just got orders to relocate to a base in Baltimore.  I was upset because we only had 2 weeks in order to get ready. The Husband kept saying it was only 2 years and then he will retire.

In the dream I was a Nanny to the Octomom. I went to work and had all of this upcoming move on my mind.  There I was juggling all these babies, with poopy diapers, some worse than others. Then she started giving me all this other type work to do - haul in patio furniture because she was going away for the weekend. The kids were all over the place, getting into everything.  I kept trying to get online to tell all my friends on Facebook - about this new adventure to Baltimore and I wanted to research Baltimore. Octomom kept giving me more non related jobs to do.

Oh and the Husband told me there would be no air-conditioning in the military house we would be living in. I was very upset about that!

I don't think I have ever even thought about Baltimore before this. Now I am curious...

Dreams are weird...


  1. Girl, that isn't a dream, that's a nightmare!!!! Octomom rides the crazy train every day.

    1. That is so funny. You're right. :-)

  2. wow, what a dream, that's crazy. lol

    1. lol, I know. Since dreaming about Baltimore though, I keep hearing about it more than before. or maybe I am just noticing it. IN fact I watched a House Hunters on HGTV and they were looking in Baltimore.

      As for Octomom - I don't want to know anything about her.


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