Thursday, January 31, 2013

another neighborhood cat is missing

Our little Timmy - missing since Sept.

My next door neighbor came over last night to let us know, her cat, Bella is missing. That's the 2nd cat she has had that has gone "missing."  She thinks we have a cat-killer in the neighborhood -  in 1 year her and I we've lost a total of 4 cats.

Something is not right with that picture.

I have racked my brains to try and figure out what is going on with the cats in our neighborhood.  One neighbor called a few months ago, saying they saw a raccoon and the story is, it is killing cats. Just outside this sub-division, we have coyotes and mountain lions. It's just a 3 minute up the hill, and you're in a more rural rugged area.

I can't even imagine, not having a cat. But it is heartbreaking to love a kitty and then they are gone. Miss Buster goes outside but not at night and she does stay in the backyard during the day if she chooses to be outside. She's my little garden kitty.

We were going to get a kitten this spring but now I just don't know. If only I could keep them in the house PERIOD.  Our house is too active - with comings and goings all hours of the day and night and sometimes a door could be left ajar, where a kitten could get out.

You'd think in a metro-area you would be forever losing your cats to traffic deaths etc - but I have never had cats go missing when I lived in the bay area. 

I wish I knew what was going on - but its one of those mysteries we'll probably never know.


  1. I breed Persian cats so I hate reading this post.. However, if the missing cats you are speaking of are not fixed.. they will roam.. and will go up to 5 miles to get to a female in heat. No joke. I don't recommend letting cats roam in and out because so many things can happen. We also have a very active house but we have signs at all the doors warning that we have cats. And our kids love them so much that they watch the doors carefully because we had one go missing too a long time ago. I have been out at night with a flash light yelling.. here kitty kitty kitty and being in a all out panic. It sucks..and the only way you will prevent it.. is to keep them inside. A screened porch works great too but for our cats.. we walk them with a harness and leash to give them a chance to get out.. otherwise its window love all the way! I hope you guys figure it out and find the kittys! Good luck! And check your shelters and make posters.. get active in your search. And make sure all kittys who go outside or who try to get out.. have proper identification so they can get back home if found! Again.. good luck.. keep us posted!

    1. Thanks Kisha for the response. All 4 cats in question were fixed. 3 of the cats were male and Bella of course is female. My Miss Buster is fixed.

      I agree with all you said! :-)

    2. I am betting the coyotes and mountain lions are the problem. My daughter has two cats and a very busy house with 3 teenagers and so far so good. Everyone is just very aware of that the cats can't go out. Good luck.

    3. ;-( Yeah we didn't have this type of problem when we live in a urban area. Just cars, maybe a raccoon. City cats are more "street smart" I think.

  2. We just took in a stray last month after trying to find her owner with no such luck. She arrived on a snowy winter night and just decided to stay. Let's hope the cats gone missing are in a new home.


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