Tuesday, January 15, 2013

4 below zero in California?

Weaverville, California Posters
Weaverville, California Posters by MajikRoses
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I would suspect that most people around the country have no idea, the micro-climates we have here in California. In fact, just 44 miles to the west is the charming small town of Weaverville, and it is currently 4 below zero. Truckee, Ca is at ZERO right now.  We're at 29. 

Truckee, Ca

Apparently we are getting some Alaskan frigid cold-front we rarely get.

It's been cold but the good thing is, it's been clear and sunny. That helps. However our winter days are soon to be gone as this front passes by or goes where Alaskan frigid cold-fronts go - and we are looking at some warmer weather; inching toward the 60's. (This cold front is even cold down in Palm Springs - right now they are at 38)

We would not have made it last year without heat in the house. Great timing for us to get that new Hvac - just in time for one of the coldest winters we have ever had.


  1. It's gotten down to -17 up in Alturas (about 3 hours NE of Redding). Crazy! Alaska can keep it's cold air in my opinion! lol


    1. Yeah my son told me that - I couldn't believe it. That part of California is just cold.

  2. I'm originally from CA and it's true folks only think of it as a sunny all year round place. My cousin lives in Big Bear and he posted the other day when it was 7 below 0...wth?! I'm in Portland OR now and we're cold but not that cold. Which is funny since we're closer to Alaska. Stay bundled and spring will be here soon.

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    1. That's cool Ms Morgan, thanks. I will come on over and check it out.

  3. Anonymous4:55 PM

    In the fifties on one day, in the thirties the next. Crazy.

    1. We are warming up. It's a beautiful morning.


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