Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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60 car pile up last night

Snow!  Yep, snow is heading our way. Actually this time of the year, we always get snow, but in the mountains. Rare for the valley floor and occasionally in the foothills. The weather service is reporting we may get something like 11 inches of snow tomorrow and Friday.  I am so excited I could spit. My step-daughter in WA told us, that over the weekend, they actually had a blizzard warning. How cool is that?  Last night there was a 60 car pile up on I-5 on the Siskiyou summit


Friday will be my last day as a Nanny. The dad and mom decided to put the children in preschool an additional day a week. Dad will be home with them on Friday.  Now does anyone want to BET, that at some point, he will be calling me to watch the girls on some Friday?  We'll see.


Tomorrow is the day, the Husband hears if he will keep his job at the VA home. He interviewed for the position and so lord willing, it will be good news.

 Tuesday, the Husband went for the liver scan. No news yet and we've been too busy to think of the negative stuff. That's a good thing.


Avon gave their Reps a month's free pass to Curves. Now that I will have the time, I can do something like this. So I went yesterday and really enjoyed it. I also signed up for the "whole enchilada." for 3 months. Presently I am at the highest weight I have ever been and when I went to the Doctors last month I was shocked and sickened at how I had let myself go. 

This will also force me to get out during these next 3 months, that I tend to get overwhelmed by my seasonal depression.  I am going to WIN this.


Also now I really need to get some income for me. Now that I won't be watching the girls.  While I was there, the women behind the counter asked me for Avon brochures to leave out. I am their only Avon lady and wow, that open opportunity for easy sales, does not come around that often. So it looks like I will be pursuing my Avon once again.

I also will be making appointments for some mystery shops come Jan. I just need to make enough to pay for my supplies and business expenses for both Avon and Barefoot Books and Curves.


last years picture but its that little skinny one in the corner.

I got the little tree up. My sons are not happy. The Husband and I are fine with it. I haven't really decorated. I've been in a funk since Friday. Trying to pull myself up and out.

Shopping?  We're not big on the materialism of Christmas. I bought each son and the Husband 1 gift and I have a gift each for my daughter and son-in-law up in WA. I have a couple of gifts for the girls as well. It's always hard to find something for the parents. I usually bake some cookies. What ever I decide, I need to have it done and ready by Friday.


Sat. we went up to lay wreaths on the graves of veterans for the Wreaths Across America event. My husband dressed in his dress blues and presented the wreath for the Coast Guard.  It was a touching ceremony and there were the empty chairs, with wreaths on them, for the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting. I also got to lay a wreath on my dad's grave (mom is there too) He served in the Army in the Korean War. Afterwards we went to the VFW and had a steak dinner and just had some holiday fun visiting and talking with our friends.

The husband has been a busy bee. Saturday night, he stood in front of a private home here that the whole street decks out for Christmas and was a bell-ringer for the Salvation Army. I didn't go. It was cold and I just am not into that - But God bless him, for doing that. He is so generous and giving and SOCIAL - he makes me look like such a introvert.

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  1. For being in a funk, that was a newsy post!


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