Wednesday, December 05, 2012

UPDATE: Hope For Stephanie

She just completed her first round of chemo (The chemo her doctor did not think was necessary - and basically told her to go home and be with her family) is done and she had a scan and it showed awesome progress.

The tumors in her uterus are gone! Now even there anymore and the largest one in her liver has shrank 50%. She did say she is not out of the woods yet. She starts her second round of chemo soon. And it has not been easy. She has been very sick.

I was anxious all day yesterday and kept myself busy - just antsy for the results. Her family is ecstatic!

Keep praying for this lovely young lady - I want those 2 adorable little girls of hers,  to have their mommy for a very long time. 

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  1. Anonymous10:50 AM

    It's a Christmas miracle.


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