Saturday, December 22, 2012

The way life is

The husband came home yesterday with several packets from the State of California, his new tentative employer - (You ever notice, that no one wants to commit to anything. So they use these politically correct disclaimers - ie: tentative)

So yeah he has been hired, tentatively. They have to do another yet another clearance, he did get in his physical yesterday after work and they have to wait till everyone gets their clearance in, as well to keep it fair. On Monday they will sit down and go over his new contract. It will always be subject to the State of California Legislators and the State budget. EVERY YEAR. That is going to be maddening. Especially since, California isn't doing so well.  I just don't know if this is a good idea or not but we're going for it anyway. I guess at some time in your life, you just have to TRUST - not the State of Confusion but God. Okay so for some of  you who are non-believers and think of Christianity as a crutch - so be it. I'm not here to argue religion or my beliefs. Just saying what works for me. I choose to TRUST God.  It just feels better to me and is how I can cope. In other words, there has to be more meaning in all of this, than just about me and mine.

There are some pluses - and minuses - of this new job

  1. He gets paid once a month
  2. He will be in a union
  3. He will get a pension after 10 years
  4. lots and lots of benefits - some we don't even need
  5. okay pay but after union dues and benefits, its not that much money more a month than it was at the CPS where he worked before (Child Protective Services)
  6. more opportunity for advancement
  7. shorter hours - he was working at CPS, 47 hours a week. This is a flat 40 hours. 
  8. better working environment
  9. having to deal with bureaucracy - everything subject to change annually
I'll let you, my dear readers, figure out which ones I think are a plus and which ones I think are a big minus! 

Too bad, the pay he is getting for this temporary position wasn't the actually pay we will get.  That was a total blessing - and really bailed us out. We were able to get that HVAC in. and get some things paid off. 

By now, you know, I WORRY.  I'm worried. I am not a big lover of CHANGE. I like to get in a nice, little warm cozy situation and stay-put!  But it seems, throughout my life, I am always having to make changes. I'm tired of it - but, it is the way life is supposed to be for me.  Maybe not you - 

I've known people who just seem to ALWAYS walk in the sunlight of life - nothing major ever happens - they never struggle. They always have enough. Okay, I admit, it bugs me. I don't relate to those people. I like the ones who have struggled or are struggling. You know, the misery loves company scenario. Not that I want a joint pity party with my fellow strugglers -  We relate and understand each other.  I see red when others, opt in, to give me advice or a word of their wisdom - coming from their little world - their biggest struggle in life was choosing between stainless steel appliances or marble counter tops.

And with all this talk of a fiscal cliff and all - I just don't know what to expect for the new year. 


  1. Good luck to your husband on his new job. I hope he likes it. :)

  2. In regards to misery loves company....I can't follow bloggers who are too dang upbeat. It rubs me the wrong way. Hmmph. :)

    1. Then I need to Thank You for following me. It's an honor! :-)


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