Monday, December 03, 2012

The Husband turns 56 and a picture of us

chicken and dumplings - The Pioneer Woman

Yesterday was the Husband's birthday. He is 56. He wanted chicken and dumplings like his Mom used to make for him. (She died of breast cancer years ago - I never met her)  I've never attempted to make chicken and dumplings before. Maybe because dumplings, don't really grab my taste buds! At least the ones I have had in the past. And my mom never made them. I was a bit intimidated by this request.

All week, I searched for a recipe that I would like. Some of the broth is so thin and that just isn't going to feed my family of 4 adults.  I wanted a hearty rustic type!

I finally settled on the Pioneer Woman's Chicken and dumplings.

Let me just say, IT WAS AWESOME! Although different from his Mom's recipe, he loved it anyway. So did my picky adult sons. TOTALLY California they tend to be leery of such homespun meals and ask,

"Like, what IS a dumpling?"

Me: Shoot I don't know - don't know how to explain it - like a biscuit?

I also had a new york style cheesecake with cherry topping. (store bought but very good)

Anyway I highly RECOMMEND this recipe. The dumplings were not bad either - moist and did not stick to the roof of my mouth or gag me like other dumplings in my past have!


I guess it is time, for me to show a photo of the Husband and I. Taken last year at one of those freebee photo-shoots where you get 1 free picture. I don't really like it and played with it some to give it a more vintage look. I like it BEST when my face is blurred!

So do we look like, how you expected?  You know how that goes.  I probably totally ruined your visual-perception of what you thought the Husband and I looked like.  S o r r y!!!


  1. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Well the chicken and dumplings looked yummy, but you two look gorgeous.

    1. Well thanks - I am at the age where I need to Photoshop the photo in order to look half way decent!

  2. Mmmmmm i want to make that soup now!

    1. I think the secret is, I floured and browned the chicken first - did not boil the chicken. I poured the broth on top on the browned chicken and let it cook the rest of the way in the pot. Then took the chicken out and skinned it and took bones out. It really gave a rich chicken flavor to the broth.

      Also the turmeric added. I also hesitantly added apple juice instead of apple cider. I will use this same broth method to make chicken noodle soup.


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