Thursday, December 13, 2012


- my son scraped that in the snow. People drive so crazy and fast!

I wish it would snow on Christmas Eve.  We do get snow here in the mountains of course and even where I am on occasion. The last snow we had was 2 years ago. I heard a few years before we moved up here, they had a big snow storm that was very impressive.

to the northwest of us

 We don't have far, to go to the snow. About 20-30 minutes away east of us and about 30 minutes north, is a lot of snow.

frozen Castle Lake near Castle Crags

I even walked out on a frozen lake before. That was a first! 

Castle Lake

 I was under 5 when we lived in Michigan but I still remember the snow. That's probably why I am not a snow bunny!  I remember my Mom putting me in my snowsuit, which seemed like it took hours - I'd walk outside and within 5 minutes I had to pee. I used to have my old snowsuit...hmmm I wonder where I stored it?

East of us about 30-40 minutes

When we moved to California, of course in San Francisco, it just doesn't snow. On occasion, we might get a freak dusting and that makes headlines!!! My folks bought a duplex in Tahoe and we'd go up on the weekends.  We donned the latest nerd-look in snow-wear. Rubber rain boots, scotch-guarded the jeans, and several layers of big bulky coats. It was embarrassing when we would go to the toboggan run.

our duplex in Tahoe. Get a load of that 67 Impala, super sport


  1. I live north of the Bay Area and snow can make headlines here, too. The mountains around us can get quite a bit of snow, I remember from living there as a little kid. I would love a white Christmas though. Haven't one since I probably 6.

    1. Ahhhh north of the bay area. So do I. I'm way north though - about 2 hours from the Oregon border. Off I-5.

      I remember it snowed in the Santa Cruz mountains one year and we were living in San Mateo. We went up and played in the snow. Fun. But I wouldn't want to live in it all the time. It's too cold! :-)

  2. I love snow but need my girls to get home for Christmas first : ) Two years ago we were snowed in, literally, in the Smokiy Mountains. It was gorgeous!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    1. I wouldn't want to be snowed in. Scary!

  3. Gorgeous pics!!!!! We never get snow here on the coast of NC, but we make sure to go visit it once a year. Gotta have my snow fix!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Your son has very nice "handwriting." I love the car.


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