Wednesday, December 26, 2012

one year to the next

I find the end of anything to be quite sad especially if I'm already in a funk.  So as we approach the end of a year,  I try hard to focus more on what is ahead, rather than dwell in the past. Even if what is ahead doesn't look too good - There is always hope. The past, is done with. I love new beginnings!

This next week coming up, you'll be hearing about famous beloved people who died this year. Or companies that went belly up. Or elections that were lost. Or storms that were devastating. We look back briefly, to remember. Just remember to keep moving past...

I like new slates and rather DWELL on the past year, I'd rather get this new show on the road - start this new year and hope for the best. 

Dwell: To live as a resident;  To exist in a given place or state


  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Hey there, could you explain to me what the "recent visitors" is for? I visit all the time, but I don't sign in. Just wondering.

    1. This Recent Visitors gadget for Blogger, displays the recent Google friend connect members who visited your site (recently).


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