Monday, December 10, 2012

Ohhhhhhhhh my aching back

me on muscle relaxers

Boy I really did it. Yesterday I nursed my aching back - had everyone waiting on me hand and foot - this morning I get out of bed and I feel great. Take my far so good. I even have a bit of a bounce to my step - I was being careful and then around 10:30 am I couldn't get out of the chair without pain.  The dad was not home, so I just did the best I could until I left at 2:30. I made sure to tell Dad, that I was quite the trooper!

No the deal is, I can't take those muscle-relaxants while I am working because - well they relax me. They relax everything on me. I feel like a noodle. Plus they make me sleepy and mellow and I pass gas! (I said they relax everything)

I'm home now - I may have to get out my super special Sicilian remedy - the cannabis alcohol-garlic rub - for a awesome painless sleep!

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