Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm in blog heaven!

Oh boy, I have been up since like 5am. Just jazzed.  I don't know why - this was BC (Before coffee) so add to THAT my usual 1/2 pot of coffee and then just being naturally bubbling over with whatever it is, that has me so high this morning - I am totally beanin! Whoopee!

The back still hurts but it is on the mend and that is because I am being very careful and not doing a hole heck of a lot. That had me kinda bored. So I did some blog clean up and to my surprise I checked my google AdSense account and I had made $11-  I know I know, that doesn't sound like a lot.  But for someone who really doesn't know what the heck I am doing - I was stoked.  Now granted that is the total of several theme oriented blogs ...that I haven't attended to - and neglected for a few months.

So I now have a new lease on blog - If I could just get it to where I could UP that amount to $100 a month.  (Of course I want to keep moving on up, but you have to start somewhere) 

I told the Husband last year, that it would take me about a year before I would see anything. Okay, $11 is something and it shows me, that it can be done. 

This blog however is my sanctuary -  no ads, no frills. no pressure.  Just me. (and my morning cup of coffee)


  1. Wow. I'm surprised at that. I heard you make only cents.

    1. yeah you do. It took me a year to get to $11 and that is with several blogs. BUT, I am seeing a increase and of course you don't just sit there and let people come to you - its about marketing your blog. I see potential.

      I've also tried commission junction which just didn't cut it - no one ever clicked. With google adsense, even when someone looks at your page it counts. I've already made $4.00 for Dec. So yeah I'm pumped.

    2. Oh poop, I blew my cover. lol


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