Friday, December 07, 2012

I am trying not to worry.

A couple of months ago, my husband went to get his blood checked. He does this a couple times a year because of the anti-inflammatory he has to take, for a service-related injury.  He always gets them - everything is good. Life goes on.

This time, the first one came back and the Dr. scheduled him for another blood test. He had to wait a month - go off all his medication, and take it again. All the VA Dr. told him, was something was not right with his liver.  It could be the meds he is on or something else.  

That one did not look right - so they ordered another test - this one, they had him pee in this big jug - for 1 day - to measure how much he actually urinates in a day.  (but apparently his kidney is not what has the Dr. ordering all these tests - its his liver)

Haven't heard anything until today when the VA called to remind him of a appointment on Monday for a liver scan.  I thought he was holding back on me - but he didn't know anything about it either.  I guess our big storm made the mail come late - we just today, received the appointment card for Monday.  So he called them and rearranged to go in on Dec 18 for the liver scan and he has to do another test. But still no details.

Okay, I am concerned.

All of it sounds familiar - when my friend Stephanie had just gone in to the Gynecologist. It was a journey of tests and procedures until she found out about her cancer.

I just hope I am wrong. The Husband admitted to me he is concerned.  I don't like to see him worry.  So we both have to wait...meanwhile

I will NOT to do research on the internet.
I will not worry.
I will not obsess.  

See, I am fine once I know what we could be dealing with. But it's this unknown time, that my imagination runs wild and I get that sick feeling in my stomach. 

We just need to wait and see - and stay calm.


    We have had two different, very scary health experiences in the last year. Both turned out just fine. The internet will only scare you uneccessarily. I'm praying for you both.

    1. Thanks - I feel much better today and we're just going about our day. Thanks for the prayers and hopefully, it will just be nothing.

      It's amazing how much better one feels after a good night's sleep! I think I reacted to the shock of it all and not knowing. Plus right now I am going through this nightmare with a friend of mine who has terminal cancer and is fighting like mad to stay alive. God Bless


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