Thursday, December 06, 2012

Christmas traditions

It feels sacrilegious NOT to keep ye-old Christmas Traditions.

And I haven't even broached the subject of secular-worldly traditions, that we have grown fond of. That is another post.  No I am talking about the Christmas Hymns like Nat King Cole's - O Holy Night - that makes me weak in my knees. Okay I could play this, anytime in the year, but without trying to be difficult, it just doesn't do it for me, unless I am sipping mulled cider and roasting chestnuts in the fire and it says DECEMBER on the calendar.

I also have quite a collection of nativities. I like one's that are different, creative in expression. I have some made out of raffia, itty bitty ones, porcelain, wood, one for children- we even display one outside. AND even that, creates criticism from some Christians, arguing that the wise men were not even there at the birth. They came when Jesus was 2 years old. OKAY, here we go again.

What is to become, of the Christ part of Christmas? It appears,  as the church starts to get called out for not stepping up to the plate to help right a past wrong, that "Christ" mas might be on the way out.  Will that really happen in the future or will there always be a divide among the believers? Is it a salvational issue?  From what I have read and studied, the pros and cons, it is up to debate.  I do not believe it to be a salvation issue. However the Bitter Brethren, do believe that it is a matter of salvation.  (Didn't they used to be called Puritans?)

How can we relate to mankind, in a real Christ-like way, when Christians basically, pull all their covered-wagons in a circle and shoot at each other?  It's sad really,  since moving here, I have noticed that all of our new friends, do not observe or celebrate Christmas. So we bow out - from gathering with them, during the month of December, so we don't have to hear all the negativity.

Honestly, isn't pride of religious life a sin?

For me, I will KEEP CHRISTMAS.


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    It's the opposite here. I know three Jews and a Sikh family. The rest celebrate.

  2. Yeah when we lived in San Francisco, before moving here, I only occasionally ran into this conflict. It's so bad here, that if we ever had a Christmas party, there would be no one to invite! lol.


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