Sunday, December 09, 2012

Christmas - In conclusion

The Bible neither commands nor condemns Christmas. Nor is there any biblical principle violated by the celebration of Christ’s birthday. Scripture clearly teaches that anything is permitted as long as it does not violate biblical principles, and as long as it is done in faith, with love, and in a manner that edifies. 

When Christmas was first introduced, December 25 was a pagan festival that celebrated the birthday of a false god. The church never Christianized a pagan holiday. Instead they created a rival celebration that celebrates the birth of the living God. Today we have all but forgotten the gods of those times - but at least a billion people on this planet consider themselves to be followers of Jesus Christ.

 If we are to be Ambassadors to Christ, then wouldn't it be right to use this former pagan holiday to bring glory and honor to His son? The fact that He was born - the fact that he died for our sins and he rose to glory, so that one day, we too, will rise and have eternal life. That is what it is all about. Getting that message out there. As for the fundamental Christian who is in bondage to religiosity -  I am reminded of Mahatma Ghandi when he said,

 "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." 

 Not that I am this awesome Christian, because I am not. I fail all the time and I have my issues. I naturally rebel against others, pointing their finger at me, judging my motives and intentions. They do not know me. What kind of Christian witness is it, to that lost person - who stumbles into a church on a cold snowy Christmas Eve, looking for love and compassion but being confronted with instead, 

"Sorry, we do not DO Christmas here."

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  1. Boy, do I relate to this. My husband and I left organized religion many, many years ago, but we did NOT leave our beliefs behind. In fact they have grown stronger through the years. We don't have to be in a church building or organization to believe in Him, he wants us to worship him in spirit and in truth. Where two or more of us are gathered in His name, there is he in the midst.

    I love Christmas and what it means, Jesus/God incarnate. Easter I love too as He conquered death. He had given every drop of blood so that we'd be FREE. I can hardly wait to see him.

    Have lovely holidays. I use fake trees too. :-)

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

    FlowerLady Lorraine


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