Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Leaf

So one new leaf the Husband wants to change this new year, is to get back into the groove, of attending our church regularly. 

We got lazy. We attend a Calvary Chapel church affiliate - Calvary Chapel was big in the 60's and early 70's in Costa Mesa, Ca and was part of the Jesus Movement up and down California ministering to hippies and surfers. Thus, there are many now all over the state. We like it and feel comfortable because of their love for Israel and the Jewish people. Our church also joins with our local synagogue for Purim and other biblical feasts. As messianic believers, this was important to us.

No church is perfect - and I can be the first to notice when something bugs me. Proving that, since I am there no church is perfect! 

When we lived in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley,  the spiritual desert it truly was (and still is) the churches and Messianic congregations were top notch! Awesome teaching - gifted Rabbis and Pastors. We move up here in 2008 and it has been hit and miss - mostly with me since I am picky I guess. (I like to call it discernment)

We have one church up here that I won't mention by name - but it is known world wide. They were Assemblies of God and then went independent because they were doing things, that went against that denomination. (Red flag) 

We went one time - the music was really powerful - then I started hearing laughter - more and more people started laughing. It was spooky. They sounded like a bunch of cackling witches. I did not like it and it seemed out of control. I could not even hear the Pastor speak since they continued to laugh all through the teaching.  Since then our local paper has written some information about them, exposing their "tricks" like gold dust and angel feathers that fall from the ceiling. However, people still come from all over the world to attend their School of Supernatural Ministry. It's college for those who want to know how to raise people from the dead. They actually claim, they can do that, however have yet to show valid proof.

Some call them a cult - I don't know. I know some of them, do really good things for the community but still - there is that cult-like impression. Some people sell everything just to come here, for that church.

Not for me, that's for sure. When it comes to God, and all I tend to take a more quiet approach - I don't feel the need to jump around and laugh and scream. Now, that does not mean I am against all of that - within biblical and scriptural context it is fine. When I first became a Christian I was baptized in a Pentecostal church - so I know all about that. And my brother and his wife are actually Pentecostal ministers in Alabama and have their own little country church.

I relate more to the root of the faith - Judaism. I figure if the gospel was first preached to Jews, by a Jewish carpenter - then that is how I want to learn. Not to mention, I had 2 great uncles that were considered "Righteous Gentiles" for their love to the Jewish people - They were German-catholic and they died in concentration camps. One uncle was married to a Jewish lady and they had a 16 yr old daughter named Sarah - they all died.

So there has always been for me, that Jewish connection.


  1. Three things...

    Have you seen the movie "Arranged?" It's about two woman who become friends - one is an Orthodox Jew,and the other is Muslim. They are both first year teachers. I don't know if you Netflix, but I recommend it.

    Also, were you touched at how the Rabbis and the Ministers/Priests were close friends in Newtown, Connecticut? I thought that was so neat.

    Here, it's a different story. I heard a Christian kid ask a Jewish kid (a rarity here) "Why don't you believe in God?"

    1. No I haven't seen that movie - I'll have to check it out. and Yes, I was touched by that community and how they seemed to come together. It truly sounded like those lost were their neighbors and friends - no matter what they believed in.

      And the Christian kid - that stuff like that really bugs me. There is so much ignorance STILL among "Christians". The husband and I feel that it is our mission in life, to educate other Christians. Some truly want to learn and others are so deeply enmeshed with generational antisemitism that it's a shame. And then there are the churches that teach "replacement theology". All I can say is GRrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


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