Tuesday, December 25, 2012

4 more hours till normal

Christmas is almost over and I can honestly say this year, I will be glad when it is.  Just 4 more hours till midnight. I'll be in bed soon.

I kinda like it being in the middle of the week. The husband has to go back to work tomorrow - so does the middle son.  So it will be normal real soon for me.

  I "do" normal so much better than holidays and special occasions.

I am concerned with myself though - I really think I may be hopeless when it comes to holidays. I just don't like them anymore.

Anyway, I did rise to the occasion - and I guess everyone enjoyed themselves. We went to the movies which I always like - saw Lincoln and I loved that movie. It made me cry.

Tonight we had turkey but I didn't go overboard like I do for Thanksgiving. Usually I don't even like to eat turkey for Christmas but since I was in such a funk, I couldn't make up my mind what to serve.  I wandered through the meat department when  the "Turkeys"  just happened to be the next thing I saw and I thought,

"why not?" 

Next year, maybe we'll just have pulled pork sandwiches! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Tomorrow for soon we will all be normal again!

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