Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 was blah!

Seems amazing to me how fast this past year went by. Remember when you were a kid, and it seemed that time lasted forever?  Now, it just goes way too fast.

2012 was a blah year for us. We really felt trapped by the economy. There was no vacation this year and we are feeling it. We did get away for 1 day. I'm not used to that. Its not that we take exotic/expensive vacations - we like to go camping, or take many weekend trips to San Francisco, or we drive up to Washington State to see our daughter and son-in-law. I love weekend trips much better than LONG vacations. I love packing in, as much as I can in those couple of days. And if I didn't get to see everything, we plan another weekend!

Now with the new job, it's possible the Husband will have to wait a year before he earns the time off. I don't know yet.

I sure hope this year my sons get their ACTS together. I told them recently, I am going to be 60 in 2014 and I want to start really cutting my budget down to just the Husband and I.  We could save so much more money a month - you figure in the lights they leave on all the time, their computers, TV and all. And now with my ex-Navy son not going to college, and he doesn't have a job, there is no help financially from him. At least the other one, does give us room and board. 

I love them - and we were open to helping them but I am starting to dream of that empty nest I once had. I know when they do leave, I'll have to go through all of that again.  It kills me. When they were younger, they were the first of all my friends kids to leave home and be on their own. And they were the first, to boomerang back home after a few years on their own. Things looked so promising when they moved out the first time. Sometimes it scares me to think, they may never be able to move out. Well I won't think about that - I just hope this year, there is some major progress in the job department and that my youngest can make up his mind, if he is going to re-enlist or not.

I would like it to be just the Husband and I once again. Life was so much more simple and stress-free.


  1. I sure hope 2013 is a great one for you. I have always said, as much as i love my girls, I just don't think grown children are meant to live with their parents. That said, I still think I would love it for a little while. :) Happy New Year

    1. I used to say that too, but when they need help and they've done nothing to deserve it, family helps family. But it is time for them to go soon.


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