Saturday, November 24, 2012

What are your hobbies?

I'd say my biggest hobby is Genealogy.   I am a amateur history buff, I love to piece together the stories of my ancestors.  It's like one big puzzle. You start with a few dates - thinking you will get to find out everything and you end up opening a can of worms. I sure did with my family history.  I just hope and pray my sons will embrace all the work I have done - so that they could have an identity that reaches back into history.

I love my computer - Our first computer back in the early 80's was a brand new IBM/DOS that was donated by IBM to my son Michael. They also donated a brand new printer as well. What a thrill that was, when we were told, he was getting a computer. It was hard for all of us to learn. Michael had free lessons from a computer engineer who was a friend of ours.  Michael taught me.  So in the mid 90's when Apple Performa came out - we made the purchase and the BIG leap to get online.  AOL was my first online experience.  6 computers later, I am still in love with anything having to do with computers, the technology and I keep learning. All self-taught.

This will blow you away - I enjoy bible studies. And trying to make sense out of this world. 

I love to "make a home."  And all that goes into it.  I like decorating, painting, sewing, cooking, gardening - making it my sanctuary. 

I enjoy reading but lately haven't delved into a good book in a while. My favorite books are of a historical nature.

My dog and cat are my hobbies and I also love to help out when I can at rescues.  I do some dog-sitting on the side and consider it more a hobby than anything else.


  1. I enjoy genealogy, too. Haven't worked on it in awhile, but, I enjoy it.

    1. I usually do it this time of the year, starting in Jan, after the holidays. It gets crazy though when you get so close to answering a burning question and then you hit that proverbial wall.


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