Tuesday, November 06, 2012

time to vote

This is me - Daddy's girl.

You wouldn't know it by my blog - but I am a political junkie. Always have been. I was raised that way and its hard for me not to include it in my life.  The Husband, does not like politics and he doesn't live it 24/7 like I do.  It bugs me at times, but he's good for me. Or else I would never get to sleep, going from channel to channel - watching all that I can in political commentary.

Soon I will go and vote. I'm not worried about the UN being here - or a the black panthers. Around here, it will mostly be ranchers, farmers, Native Americans, fishermen, the elderly, old hippies, conspiracy theorists, tweakers, Sihk Muslims, the unemployed, veterans, college students,  Pot growers, Tea Party, Christians, medical personnel, pagans, lawyers, small business owners, Preppers, Atheists,  and everyone in between. That pretty much sums up our population.

It will be historically close and may not even be determined by tonight.

* please be advised the above picture of me does not necessarily mean I am voting that way. My dad was a Proud Democrat and I loved my Daddy and always wanted to please him. 


  1. I already voted this morning.

  2. Anonymous9:33 AM

    You were a girly girl, huh? My mother took me to the barber. Ha!

    1. Actually I was kinda both. Dad treated me like a boy. Mom liked to girly me up. When my little sister was born, she was the girly girl and still is. Then I was me. I used to wear hand me downs from my boy cousins, so I have a few pictures of me looking like a boy!


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