Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Husband and the Coast Guard


The Husband served 20+ years in the military - 10 in the Navy and 10+ in the Coast Guard. He really enjoyed the Coast Guard.  He served on 3 ships -

Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis  - a 378-foot high endurance cutter home ported in Honolulu.

Coast Guard Cutter POLAR SEA (WAGB 11) -  one of the world's most powerful, conventionally propelled icebreakers. Home ported in Seattle, the POLAR SEA has operated around the globe.  POLAR SEA is designed to perform science, ice-breaking, and all Coast Guard missions in both polar regions.  Berthing is available for approximately 150 crew-members, and as many as thirty-five scientists and technicians.  POLAR SEA is equipped as a scientific platform with five internal laboratories and space for an additional seven portable laboratories on deck.  Computers on board have the capability to process real-time satellite images to aid in ice navigation, science planning, and weather forecasting.

USCG- Glacier (WAG/WAGB-4)) is the historic Glacier class icebreaker which served in the first through fifteenth Operation Deep Freeze expeditions.  Named for Glacier Bay, Alaska. 

The Husband has many stories and pictures of the good times he had while serving in the Coast Guard. One memory he enjoys talking about is when they did a drug bust at sea, near Hawaii. He has the newspaper article framed. It was a "wild ride" but they got the bad guys and sinked their ship.  The Polar Sea and the Glacier were stationed out of Seattle, however he was always either in Alaska or Down Under in the polar regions. 


 I sure do hope my son, is able to find his way - in the Coast Guard. A nice wife would be good too. 

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