Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pissy Mood, low blood pressure and Vegetable Soup

Yesterday went to see my Doctor -  It has been a year.  Last year I got this gastritis that had me sick for days - I thought I was dying. I ended up in the emergency room due to low blood pressure which happens to me, when I get that type of illness.  They could not find a pulse on me.  Rushed me in an ambulance.  It was crazy. That was the 3rd time, that has happened to me in 10 years.  A sudden drop in my blood pressure.

I have low blood pressure to begin with, but it's normal for me. I had a doctor one time tell me to eat a can of Campbell s Vegetable soup one of two times a week, for the salt content. I don't but I know when I start feeling like my blood pressure is dropping, I do keep a can in my cupboard just in case.  My blood pressure is so low,  it won't come up on the blood pressure machines they have in drug stores. And many times at the Doctors office, they have to do it a second time.

So I am maxed out on the anti-inflammatory for my fibromyalgia.  He did give me muscle relaxants to try - to see if that helps.  Other than that, I'm good. I did break down and get a flu-shot.  I usually don't like putting things like that in my body. I just don't know what to believe anymore. Seems everybody has an agenda and half the people say to get a flu shot and the other half says the Government is killing us.

I woke up this morning in a pissy mood. Oh well, GET OVER IT!

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  1. I'm prayer for your fast recovery. Thank you for sharing your experiences to us.

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