Wednesday, November 14, 2012

on-call nanny

I'm going in today because the 2 yr old is home from daycare with a fever.  The Dad called me last night and practically begged me - he has a important meeting.

The behavior of the girls have improved.  Ever since the 4 year old Hallie saw me get teary - after a hard day of sassy, awful behavior - she apparently was taken a back. Mom and Dad came together with me - to put the squeeze on them.

Of course like all 2 year old's, they are still very rough around the edges. Robyn tends to be bossy, but mainly around her older sister.  Instead of 6 time-outs in a day, is down to 1 time-out every other day.

I will bring my books to read to her.  I like it when I can devote one on one time with a child. She will love it.

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