Thursday, November 29, 2012

My relationship with Santa -

a three-year believer! 
Santa Claus

I used to love Christmas. It was a magical time for me. My folks used to do the whole "Santa" thing -  it was fun for them and I was a true believer.  When I found out the truth, I still had fun with it, through my little sister who was 5 years younger and I was even worse than my parentsreally into the deception.

Oh I know some say, that by perpetuating the Santa Claus Tradition, you are lying to your kids. That they will never trust you again. You set them up for their first major disappointment. They will have bonding issues when they get older.

Sure I was disappointed - for like a day - I survived.  I didn't need to go to therapy.  (that was years later) I never thought my parents were lying to me - it was just "Tradition".  I could understand that!

So when the boys were little it was a given - we would continue the tradition. Until my youngest son, Patrick went for the first time to see Santa  (at 15 mos)  - We were standing in the line and there were kids who did not want to sit on St. Nick - they were scared and I guess Patrick picked up on that and totally refused. And I wasn't about to place my fearful kid on the Big Guy's lap. As he grew older he would say,

  "I don like dat man."

 "I hate that man." 

"Don't make me sit on the fat guy's lap"

He said it every year and he NEVER BELIEVED!

 He is the only one of my sons,  that NEVER had his picture taken with Santa.

I am happy he did not grow up, feeling deprived or weird. No lasting repercussions whatsoever! And none from the others, who did believe.

So that is the beginning and the end - of my relationship with Santa Claus. 



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