Monday, November 12, 2012

Meatless Mondays

yummmm, doesn't that look good?

I'm rebellious. I go against the flow. So when I heard on the news that Meatless Mondays are being promoted for health and environmental reasons - that had me pulling out the biggest beef pot roast I had in my freezer.

I did a little checking. Apparently when we eat meat - we are causing destruction to our planet.

1. It causes climate change
2. Water shortages
3. Water pollution
4. Land erosion
5. deforestation

Hello? Are they serious?  It's bad enough when I go to McDonald's  I can't find the salt and pepper shakers.  Or "they" kinda force you to read the ingredients and calorie content.  Should I admit that I do not read it at all?  It's not like we eat that all the time. Down with the Food Police!

I am also not sorry, if I choose not to believe this baloney!  I am very sorry, on the other hand if you do. It's not like I am this big meat eater either - but when the populace start telling me what I am to eat, how I am to eat it, etc - it reminds me of being a kid, in my parent's house.  You remember -  you can't eat candy, no soda pop, and eat all your veggies.  Man, I couldn't wait to be a grown-up so that I could eat anything I wanted. And as much as I wanted.  If I want to have Special K with strawberries for dinner, So be it!

I am not for regulating what people eat. 


  1. Eww. You don't want to find the salt and pepper shakers at McDonald's...have you seen what children do to them? They lick and suck and handle them to death. Ick.

    1. I usually ask for the packets now...but how come I didn't know this??????


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